The Klan

They have really never left. We kinda forgot about them, or decided to ignore them, or we were too urban to dwell on them, but they have always been hanging out on the fringes. Yeah, they do look a little different, but not much.

When times are good, they tend to disburse. But let things get a little tight, and like locust, they emerge. People say “Where do they live, I never see them?“. Yes, you do see them,but you prefer to look past them. But you can bet they are out there. That guy painting the outside of the gas station? Could be… That truck driver doing the two day hauls between Charlotte and Little Rock? That short order cook with the cigarette? Maybe….. Let’s face it. Politicians behind closed doors lean that way, just for the votes. And while their targets have changed,they have not. You don’t see the white hoods in 2016, but they still fly their flags on their dirty t-shirts, their greasy hats, and their muddy trucks. They haven’t taken those off, and they are not going to take them off…….Don’t ignore them…… just because you don’t see them at your trendy restaurant, or your hipster bar, that doesn’t mean they have vanished …..